Geriatric Behavioral Unit in North Richland Hills

The Geriatric Behavioral Unit (GBU) at Medical City North Hills, for patients 55 and older, understands the sensitive nature of a geriatric patient suffering from fear, anxiety, and depression common to patients in this stage of life.

Behavioral Health Care for Adults 55 and Older in North Texas

The Geriatric Behavioral Unit offers a safe, quiet, peaceful and secure setting for patients, families, and their health care providers to build a customized plan of treatment. Our staff is expertly trained and has a special affinity for working with geriatric patients and truly understands and can quickly respond to their needs. The unit offers geriatric inpatient psychiatric care and has devoted approximately 20 beds to this patient population.

Psychiatric services available in the Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit at Medical City North Hills can effectively treat high acuity patients. Patients admitted to the Geriatric Behavioral Unit typically require acute inpatient treatment for disorders such as serious depression, suicidal ideation, bipolar disorders and/or schizoaffective disorders. Although each case is unique, the average length of stay for an inpatient at the Geriatric Behavioral Unit is 10 to 14 days.

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